vendredi 9 mars 2007

Michel Ancel (Ubi Soft Montréal)

Michel Ancel se classe #31 dans le top 100 des concepteurs de jeux vidéos.

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31. Michel Ancel
Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal (Ubisoft)

2005’s King Kong movie tie-in game gave Ancel a unique outlet for his thoughtful, content-appropriate design strategy, but 2006 saw the famous designer return to his roots. And yet, the creator of Rayman never made a Rayman game like the Wii’s manic Raving Rabbids. The game introduced new beloved characters in the form of the Rabbids themselves, but also showed that Ancel and his team were rather ahead of the curve in terms of designing for Nintendo’s new control scheme. And since Ancel has shown nothing but enthusiasm for the console, one could only expect ever greater things from this already great designer.

Ubi Montréal ftw!