mardi 1 mai 2007

Archarnons-nous sur le 360 Elite

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The Xbox 360 Elite seems like Microsoft's attempt to chase Sony for the high-end video-centric consumer. However, this is a power race that Microsoft simply can't win. The Elite targets a very niche, possibly imaginary, consumer that wants a bleeding edge high-definition system but wants to cut corners when it comes to video playback by using a comparatively low-tech video game hardware system.

The biggest problem with the Xbox 360 Elite is probably the issue of HDMI output. Consumers can understand what a bigger hard drive means and can also feel comfortable knowing that they can always upgrade their hard drive. However, it is a safe bet that the vast majority of consumers aren't quite sure what an HDMI port means. You can be sure that the sales clerks in your average retail store will probably be telling a lot of different stories.

In the end, Nintendo and Sony are the ones that probably benefit the most from the Xbox 360 Elite. (Ouch)

Le 360 m'intéresse, certes, mais quand je regarde le 60 dollars par année pour le Xbox Live Gold, tous les micropayents (micro-rape-ments) ainsi que la pietre feuille de route du matériel lui-même (la console est bruyante, elle brise souvent, elle chauffe trop, ...) Je me dis "Pourquoi se donner le trouble?"

(Réponse: Halo 3, mais pas avant!)