vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Tetris The Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct

Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct, commonly known as TGM3 or just Ti was released in 2005. The game now runs on PC-based hardware (specifically the Taito Type X. The level system has been expanded in many forms, with increasingly stricter requirements to reach the Grandmaster rank. Modes include "Easy", "Sakura" (a puzzle mode), the traditional "Master" mode, and "Shirase" - an extension of T.A. Death, with even harsher speed, garbage, and levels beyond 999.

TGM HOLiC aka Jin8 playing TGM3. He's the best tetris ds player in the world.
it's slow in the beginning. insanely fast near the end. speed increases at 3mins. invisible part after 5:10 mins during the credit roll. (oh shit invisible malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade)